d.r.k. cycles

Beautiful bicycles designed and made in Italy by British hands


Whether it be a city bike, a tourer, a commuting bike or a cargo bike, d.r.k. cycles prides itself on making beautiful handmade bicycles that fit perfectly their rider and purpose. They are made, one at a time, from the highest quality steel tubing, in a small workshop in Orta San Giulio (northern Italy) by Dr Daniel Rayneau-Kirkhope.

Daniel spent 10 years working in academia studying the underlying physics of how structures works. From horses hooves and folding plants right through to submarines, Daniel's academic experience focused on understanding why structures hold together; this experience is invaluable in creating efficient, beautiful bicycles. As an aside to his theoretical physics day-job, Daniel took practical courses in metal work, additive manufacturing processes, and bicycle fabrication. It is with a combination of theoretical and practical understanding that Daniel undertakes each bicycle build working to the highest possible standards.

Bicycles are a wonderful, pollution free, travel solution that have the potential to improve city life. d.r.k. cycles makes bikes that are built to be used in the real world.

drk cycles


Cargo bikes

The cargo bike is a versatile workhorse; the one pictured below is the ultimate bicycle for touring around the world with your dog. Others are used to get the beers in.

The design of the d.r.k. cargo bike retains as natural as a possible geometry to allow for a fun ride. The specific design of the cargo bay area permits a relatively light cargo bike, weighing in at a minimum of around 20kg. In contrast to some of the bigger manufactures, the dimensions of the rider compartment is fully customisable to fit its owner perfectly. The same can be said for the cargo bay, be it for a small dog or a weekly shop, the cargo bay area can be sized accordingly. The d.r.k. cargo bike can even be supplied with a removable roof to keep its contents safe and dry.

As with all d.r.k. cycles, the cargo bike can be made with components to your specification, or, of course, we can take care of those choices.

Conventional bicycles

d.r.k. cycles specialises in touring, adventure touring, audax, city and commuting bikes. Each bike is made to fulfil the specific requirements of its owner.

touring bicycle

A bike is more likely to get good use if it fits its rider, with that in mind, d.r.k. cycles makes only custom sized frames. With the geometry and tubes specifically chosen for your style of riding and the bike’s purpose, each bicycle is a unique object. Whether it’s a fully loaded adventure-tourer, or a single speed commuter, we will design and build something just for you.

Finally, the bike’s components and finish can be decided by you, or we can take care of that too.


I am currently cycle-touring across Europe, promoting bicycles as an alternative to cars to fight climate breakdown. You can find more details at: www.bicycleswillsavetheworld.com.

I will be accepting orders starting from summer 2020. In the meantime, get in touch. I will contact people allowing them to take their place in the build queue in the order in which they register their interest.